Hello October!!

I can’t believe September is over and we’re into October 2018 already. Where is this year going? Is it just me, or is it flying? Well, I’ve updated the website, for now at least. Now people come purchase both books. The award-winning Last Exit to Montauk, and the recently released, The Captain & the Queen.

As of this posting, I’ve received five 5-star reviews for The Captain & the Queen, and look forward to watch this number grow. Of course, my goal is to have it over 100 reviews, and know this will take time and effort, but totally doable.

September saw me travel to NY, Boston, Nashville, and Miami. Hands down, my busiest month to date. I had a couple of speaking engagements, book signings and a book fair.

October is looking to be the same, and November’s calendar is starting to book up as well.

I will do a better job, letting people know when and where I’ll be promoting my books. I love meeting people and hearing their amazing stories. What a blessing this venture has become.

Well…onto the next one!


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