What A Weekend!!

What a weekend! In three whirlwind days, I promoted, met, spoke, shared and told my story – the one of a software salesperson who, one rainy Saturday afternoon in August 2015, sat on his couch and started down a path that he didn’t know he longed to journey.

Friday, I spoke at my former prep school, Saturday I held a book signing for my new book, The Captain & the Queen,

at a place that years prior, I danced and held my wife, and now is a go-to local bar and grill. Sunday, I spent time in Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Book Fair, sharing a table with a fellow author and new friend, John Nuckel.

During my time in New York, I made new friends, spent time with old friends and family, and met old and new fans, which still blows me away.

Thank you, New York, for welcoming me back home! Thank you, family, friends, and fans, for sharing your hearts and stories. I love you, and am so very thankful for you! #Blessed


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