The Captain & The Queen

When the “Thunderbolt” of love really happens and there is no denying its heat, its intensity. When life events threaten to pull loved ones apart. When the world is a smaller place than you imagine. When true love never dies.

This is the story of the “captain” and the “queen,” a coming-of-age romance set on Long Island. The passions of a daughter of a Greek tycoon and a Hispanic boy from a middle-class family are tested against all odds as they become more than just friends. The question is: how long can it possibly last?
“On the whole, this book swept me away. I got caught up in Mateo’s head, laughing with (and occasionally at) him, and I rooted for him and Calista all the way. If you want a fun romance filled with reminders of what it was like to be young, look no further.”
– Manhattan Book Review

“From the author of Last Exit to Montauk comes another sweet high school romance. In very much the same writing style and story telling as his first, Vega’s second book will please.I’ll also mention THAT ENDING! Wow. I LIVE for these situations (for characters in a book, of course).”
“Also, I’ve totally been into the high-school-theater theme lately, so this book totally fit my current interests.”
Last Words: “If you like improbable high school romance, you’ll like The Captain and The Queen.”

– Miss Kristine Reviews

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2020 Book Awards Top Shelf Finalist 
Fiction – Romance & Young Adult – Romance