Giving Thanks

Never leave home without a kiss, a hug and an I love you. Then remove the dog hair from your mouth as you walk to your car.” (Unknown)

I witness this every morning, as my beloved wife, leaves for work. She kisses all her babies good-bye, including this one, and as she approaches her car, removes dog hair from her lips, causing me to chuckle.

As we head into this week of Thanksgiving, I encourage each of you to pause for a moment, and give thanks for the little things in life, that keep you moving forward.

I’m not talking about the job, the money, the roof over your head, or the food on your table. While I’m not discounting them, and am grateful to have them, that’s not what I’m talking about.

No, I’m talking about the little things. The “icing and cherry-on-top” moments. Like snuggling on the couch with your pups. The laughter of your children and loved ones. Meeting up with an old friend, and picking up right where you left off.

Or slipping into your favorite pair of sox. You know the ones. They’re soft, and warm. Formfitting, as you slip them up, passed your heel, and rest them warmly against your ankle, as you wiggle your toes.

This week, let’s put aside the partisan arguments. Let’s lay down our weapons. Let’s come together, as one family, and give thanks. Thanks for the big things, and thanks for the little things in life, that make it worth living.

I’m thankful for you. For all who read these words. For all who choose love over hate. Who’ve loved and supported me. Who continue to guide and provide me examples of greatness. From my wife, to my children, to my siblings, extended family and multitude of friends, old and new.

Thank you for all your love, and support. May you have a Very Blessed Thanksgiving!!

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