The Five Senses

I’m sitting in my Florida office, as my faithful companion is curled up in her doggy bed and blanket, snoring softly, sleeping the afternoon away. Just beyond her, a window overlooking my backyard. The Florida sunshine beckoning me to join it outside, as its glorious rays bathe the blue sky.

Man, I just love the five senses, don’t you? That sweet blend of mozzarella cheese, red sauce, Italian spices and pizza crust as you take your first bite. The sound of children laughing. The tender touch of a loved one. The scent of her perfume. The look in her eyes…

The memories our senses stir…better than a selfie.

Which is your favorite? Here are some of mine from The Captain & the Queen:

“How is it possible that I can still smell her perfume after all these years?”

“I can still remember seeing her for the first time. It was the first day of
my senior year—class of 1987—at our boarding school on Long Island…She stood there, staring up at the building with a look of uncertainty, as
girls milled about her, entering and exiting the dorm. I couldn’t stop staring
at her. I literally halted in my tracks, slack-jawed. ”

Her lips were full, rich, silky soft, and smooth, with a hint of Raspberry Snapple Iced Tea.

Callie walked up behind me, wrapped her arms around my waist, and
placed her chin on my right shoulder.

“The love in her eyes penetrated the depths of my soul.”

“I enjoyed the sound of her voice. She had a unique accent. One I couldn’t
quite put a finger on. Unlike my Long Island accent, hers was . . . I don’t know . . . worldly.”

Her pouty lips mouthed, I love you.

May your days be filled with happiness and love!

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