Unexpected Surprises

“Surprise!!” I can still remember hearing those words shouted at me when I turned 14. My older brother took me to the same mall featured in my novels, Last Exit to Montauk and The Captain & the Queen, the Smith Haven Mall.

After hitting the Herman’s Sporting Goods Store, Sam Goody’s and the Arcade for $10 worth of video games, which was a lot back in the 80s, I came home to a surprise party.

I was greeted with, “Surprise!!”, as I opened the front door. And how did I react? I squeaked, immediately panicked and shut the door. I stood on the outside, panicking, while on the other side of the front door, I heard laughter.

After composing myself, or rather, after my older brother shook his head, and shoved me inside, I had the best time ever.

So, imagine my surprise when I turned the corner on a recent business trip, and saw this staring image back at me. When people ask me what my goals are regarding my writing, my typical response includes, I want people to enjoy my writing. I want to help change the narrative on how people view Hispanics in today’s world, which is why all the Hispanics in my novels are and will always be white-collar professionals.

Lastly, I’d love to see my work adapted to the big or small screen someday. Hollywood, I’m talking to you! @SofiaVergara‏, @EvaLongoria, @salmahayek, @jessicaalba, @NHMC and @rosariodawson I’m talking to you, too!

I hope you have a Blessed Day! When I saw this, I certainly did!!

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