Losing Track Of Time

You ever completely lose track of time? You look down, get caught up in something, and look up and hours have passed. That’s been my weekend. My wife and I traveled around hitting a few festivals in our area. As we walked around, sampling the various goodies available, time seemed to melt away. 

Before we knew it, the morning transformed into the late afternoon, and soon became the early evening. After putting groceries away, I slipped into my office to write a few chapters or two. 

Two hours later, my wife slid to my side, and told me dinner would be ready soon. After dinner, we sat and had a pleasant evening, watching the latest Netflix had to offer. 

Fast forward to today. After breakfast, I slipped into my office to review yesterday’s work and write some more. The next thing you know, it’s 6:15 PM, and I just finished writing close to 7,000 words. 

Where’d the day go? And how is it possible that I wrote close to 7,000 words in twenty-four hours? 

The Lord is Good, folks! The Lord Is Good!

How was your weekend?

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