B’s Favorite Flower

And this went on for the rest of the walk, the two of us going back and forth asking questions, while Belle sniffed her way around the block.

“What’s your favorite flower?” I asked.
“The sunflower. There’s just something so pretty about a field of wild sunflowers. They’re open, following the sun, and always seem happy, you know?”
“Yeah, I think I know someone just like that,” I replied with a wink as we continued our discovery session.

Yep, I definitely know someone just like that.

~Last Exit to Montauk, Page 309

2 thoughts on “B’s Favorite Flower”

  1. Sharee Burbank

    Hey, Phil! My husband, Chuck, and I ran into you and your wife at Publix not too long ago. As you may remember, you both used to have the same boss…

    You mentioned that you’d written a book since that time, and that intrigued me. I just finished reading “Last Exit.” It took me back to my high school love, made me laugh, occasionally made me uncomfortable, and made me cry.

    Chuck’s left that empoyer, as well, and we’re moving to the Connecticut shoreline in the not-too-distant future, and I’ll never be able to look at Long Island again without thinking of you and our chance meeting at Publix that led me to your book.

    Looking forward to the next one!

    1. Hi Sharee:

      Of course I remember running into you and Chuck at Publix. I’m so happy to hear about your move to CT. if I recall correctly, you have grandchildren there. In my opinion, it’s the best place to be, near your grandbabies!

      I’m glad you enjoyed Last Exit. My next novel comes out the latter part of August, which is right around the corner. I hope you enjoy that one as much as Last Exit to Montauk.

      I wish you and Chuck the best!


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