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Huffington Post listed Last Exit to Montauk for Best Reviewed Books of November 2017!!


IR Verdict: They say you never forget your first love, and the romance recounted in LAST EXIT TO MONTAUK is one well worth remembering.

As we approach our Saturday event, I thought I’d share the latest interview and review. I know I’ve said this before, and will probably say it again, but had someone told me this time two years ago, that I’d have published my first novel, and have people interviewing me and reviewing it, I’d have said they were nuts!


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  1. It’s finally here. I spent the past two weekends creating, then recreating this website. In my mind, I knew the type of site I was looking to create The good news is, WordPress has great templates, editing tools and tutorials (shhhh…don’t tell anyone I asked for directions. I may lose my man card. :p).

    The release and launch of my first, of many, novels is right around the corner. We are in “Beta” with 10 blessed readers, and I can’t wait for their feedback. Once that’s done, my publisher and I will do a few last minute updates, and then we’re off to the races. May 1, 2017 will be the big launch day.

    I’m nervously excited for this next chapter of my life. Had someone told me 2 years ago, that I was about to publish my first novel and build my own website, I’d have told that person they were nuts…N-V-T-S…NUTS!! My fellow Mel Brooks fans will get it.


  2. This is starting to get real. Spent some time last night planning on the upcoming website launch, including giveaways. Janet, the world’s best editor and publisher, came up with a bunch of great ideas. To be frank, I’m truly blessed to have her support and guidance. #blessed, #excited, #lastexittomontauk

  3. It’s weird. Growing up, I HATED yard work! HATED IT! Fast forward to today, and I love it. I gain inspiration from it. I don’t know if it’s the cool breeze, the warm Florida sunshine, or being amongst God’s nature, but as I sit there snipping away at branches, shaping up my bushes, new story ideas just pop into my head. Maybe it’s because I’m quiet, silently listening to my music, gently playing through my earbuds. Who knows? All I know is, it’s a Blessing when things “turn on” like that for me.

    What inspires you?

  4. Prologue
    Who knew that going into Whole Foods with my wife of twenty-five
    years, on a rainy Saturday afternoon in Florida, would bring me back
    to the summer of ’87? It happened right there in the bulk section among the
    garbanzos and Forbidden Rice. Yep, Forbidden Rice, which kind of made sense considering the direction of my thoughts at that moment.

    There she was—the catalyst for my memory. I hadn’t thought about her in years, but there she stood. It was her honey-colored hair and the way it flowed down past her shoulders that first caught my attention. I couldn’t help but do a double take and stare for moment . . . at her hair, among other things.

    But mostly her hair. She was a carbon copy.

    It was uncanny.

    Thus starts my novel, Last Exit To Montauk, available across all platforms on May 2, 2017.

  5. Countdown…T-minus 5 days…

    Snippet from Last Exit To Montauk:

    Around seven, I finally worked up the nerve to call B. I went to Ma’s bedroom, for privacy. We didn’t have phones in all of our bedrooms. Ma didn’t believe in it.

    We had a cordless phone downstairs in the family room, a phone in the drum room, and one in her bedroom.

    B’s number sat on my mother’s dresser, and I just stared at it. I stood, fixed my hair in her mirror, and took another deep breath.

    Idiot, this isn’t Star Trek! She can’t see you!

    Last Exit To Montauk available online May 2, 2017!!

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