Let’s Go Mets

The gods must have heard Dad’s comment—and all of our prayers, as Vin
Scully gave us the play by play:
“So, the winning run is at second base, with two outs, three and two to
Mookie Wilson. A little roller up along first . . . behind the bag! It gets through Buckner! Here comes Knight, and the Mets win it!”
The stadium exploded with cheers, and you could feel any hope Boston
had of removing “the curse of the great Bambino” wither away on a vine.
Our family room exploded with cheers as well. Spencer sprayed everyone
in his immediate area with beer, as Callie and I jumped up and down into each other’s arms, shouting and yelling.
In his excitement, Dad grabbed my mom and planted one right on her lips! I shrugged my shoulders and did the same with Callie.
Matt turned and smooched Gill.
However, when Spencer tried to plant one on hot Kate, she stretched out
her arms and held him at bay.
Poor Spence. I guess we can add another victim to the pile. Kate’s hotness strikes again. Well, she did say he was just a friend.

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